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About Us

Peter Burdin is the BBC’s former Africa Bureau Chief. He lived in Johannesburg and Nairobi from 2009 to 2014, where he travelled and worked extensively around the continent.

Peter has thirty five years experience as a senior leader of the BBC’s International News team. He has won several Sony Awards for his news and documentary programmes, including coverage of South Africa’s first democratic elections and the funeral of Nelson Mandela. He has covered numerous major international news stories from Tiananmen Square and the Gulf War to the Rwandan genocide and conflicts in northern Nigeria, Bosnia, Somalia, and the Middle East.


Peter Burdin

Having spent many years living and working in Africa, Peter has been a key member of the leadership team which launched new BBC shows for Africa like Focus On Africa TV, the Africa Business Report and a range of African language TV news programmes in Swahili, Hausa and French. He led teams covering a wide range of African stories including the 2010 World Cup and the Oscar Pistorius trial in South Africa, the attack on the Westgate shopping mall in Kenya, the Ebola crisis and the kidnapping of the Chibok schoolgirls in northern Nigeria.

He relocated to London last year to be Editor of the BBC World Affairs Unit leading a team of some of the BBC’s most senior correspondents like Fergal Keane, Jeremy Bowen, Allan Little and Frank Gardner among others. He is now dedicating his talents to his passion for Africa as the Director of Peter Burdin Africa Ltd where he is advising several leading organisations on the importance of Africa and helping to promote social entrepreneurs across the continent.

About Peter Burdin Africa Ltd

Peter Burdin Africa draws on thirty-five years experience with the BBC - the world’s most respected broadcaster - to offer a first-class professional media service. We specialise in our knowledge and contacts across Africa and are passionate in our belief that this is Africa’s time.

Clients appreciate our expert knowledge of Africa and our contacts across the continent in Government, business and media. We will give you the inside track knowledge to work effectively in Africa and stay with you as you navigate your way to success. Our network includes investors, professional services firms, corporations and non-profit social entrepreneurs and start-ups. We will link you with the best information, the best contacts and the best opportunities.

We also specialise in helping young African social entrepreneurs grow their enterprises and achieve their dreams. We work with a wide range of African young people who are the continent’s future - we aim to play our part in helping to create a new generation of African youth ready to amaze the world.