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Wanted: Three Million Young African Leaders

Fred Swaniker at the African Leadership gatheringThe African Leadership Network has launched a new appeal for three million young leaders to step up to transform the continent –and its Founder warns that time is running out if Africa is to avoid disaster.

The Founder of the African Leadership Network Fred Swaniker wants these new leaders to be in place by 2035 the year when Africa will become home to the world’s largest workforce, bigger than both China and India:

“There are less than six thousands days until that moment and we need to make sure we have prosperity and innovation by then and not disaster”.

Fred compares this ambition to a “moonshot for education”. That means taking education as seriously as NASA took their mission seriously when President Kennedy challenged it to put a man on the moon.

Fred, who’s a Ghanaian businessman and Harvard MBA, opened his African Leadership Academy in South Africa ten years ago. He’s gone on build universities in Mauritius and Rwanda. This September he will be launching a third campus in Kenya. The aim is to build twenty-four new ALU campuses across Africa – all with the objective of creating a new generation of three million young leaders to build his vision of a new prosperous Africa.

For more details on Fred’s ambition please see this appeal he made at the Skoll World Forum this year:

 Fred’s inspiring talk






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