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The Future of Africa is in Good Hands

The fall of Robert Mugabe has put African leadership in the spotlight.

Questions have been asked again about why this old generation of Leaders like Mugabe have failed their people repeatedly.

One person trying to change that is Fred Swaniker, the Ghanaian entrepreneur, who’s created the African Leadership Network which aims to develop three million ethical leaders for Africa by 2060.

He’s already built two African Leadership University campuses in Mauritius and Rwanda and has plans to build a further two dozen campuses across the continent to create a new generation of African entrepreneurs and public sector and government leaders who will transform their societies.

Fred Swaniker at the African Leadership gathering                                           Picture caption: Fred Swaniker at the Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship 2018

I was fortunate to be invited to attend the African Leadership Network’s gathering in Mauritius to see at first-hand what Swaniker and his team are achieving. I met many of the current students who are all committed to transforming Africa.

To win a place the students need to demonstrate an appreciation of Africa’s challenges of unemployment, corruption, governance, urbanisation, conservation and climate change, and have ideas on how they might be tackled.

As Fred Swaniker commented: “We can’t fix Africa until we fix Africa’s politics, and we need our future entrepreneurs to create jobs for a billion people in the next seventeen years.”

I left Mauritius with a strong hope that if anyone can achieve this transformation Fred Swaniker can.

As the disgraced Mugabe generation fades away there’s a new generation of young African leaders coming forward passionate to build a better Africa.

Please click here for more information: africanleadershipnetwork.com 


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